Goldbelt is named after a richly mineralized zone in Southeast Alaska that encompasses the corporation’s land holdings encompasses approximately 33,000 acres of land. After the passage of ANCSA in 1971, the corporation selected 33,000 acres of lands initially chosen for timber and strategic value.  Goldbelt’s land holdings include:


Hobart Bay

- Goldbelt owns approximately 30,000 acres of land in and around Hobart Bay which is located on the mainland about 70 miles south of Juneau. Logging ended in 1999. With abundant regrowth of young spruce and hemlock trees, Goldbelt has been active in commercial thinning to promote healthy forest regrowth.

Goldbelt is also in the experimental stages in aqua farming exploration and has planted 80,000 geoduck (gooy duck) seed. Geoduck is a large long-neck clam that’s popular in Asian markets.

Echo Cove

– Goldbelt owns approximately 1,400 acres of land completely surrounding Echo Cove with the exception of 5.5 acres traded to the City & Borough of Juneau for use as a launch ramp and parking area. Echo Cove is located 40 miles north of Juneau at the end of the paved road and is one of the more beautiful areas in the area. In 2013, the extension of the Glacier Highway was dedicated. Goldbelt continues to work on plans for the development of a marine facility at Cascade Point—just north of Echo Cove—that will be used for transportation of mine workers across Berners Bay. Moreover, we expect a road will eventually be built out of Juneau and that will provide many more opportunities.

West Douglas

– Goldbelt owns approximately 1,600 acres of coastal lands on the west side of Douglas Island from Outer Point to south of Point Hilda. The City & Borough of Juneau is currently applying for an Army Corps of Engineering Permit to build a pioneer road that will eventually extend the North Douglas Highway and opening up new areas for future development and wilderness recreation.